Masterpiece Controls - Escape Room Booking Software

Make every game a masterpiece. The only subscription you need to run the best Escape Room in the industry! Created by an Escape Room designer to take the puzzles out of running your room.

Take Control

Masterpiece controls gives you the system you need in order to take complete control of your game. Master more than the game: dominate every aspect of the escape room business.

Designed exclusively for the Escape Room industry: our one and only focus is helping you run exactly the kind of room you want the way you want.

Go beyond the basics of a timer display and clues, to bring a complete experience to your room: ambient video and sound, communication with your players, even the ability to have custom character interaction with your characters during their question!


Everything you need

Ready to start offering your games to the public, but need a way to manage them? Masterpiece controls was designed to offer the complete suite of tools required to run a room. Setting up a game, running it, and even reviewing your game results can all be done effortlessly. Run an “easy” or “hard” room, give your players hints in real time, even set up ambient video and sound stations! All you need is a monitor connected to a web browser and the only limit is your imagination.


The setup is as simple as possible. Just have an internet connection and the monitor setup of your choice. Being browser based means that you have the ultimate flexibility in control. Your players will be able to use smart phones, tablets, even their own phones to play your game. We are continuously adding features, so your subscription means that you are constantly being updated with the latest tools of the industry and the best resources for exciting your players in your room.

Amazing Features

Offer your players ambient videos and sounds. Give them clues, video missions, and display the remaining game time. Use your own custom images for every game. However you want your customers to play your game, you’ll be able to create it. Masterpiece controls was designed to set up every possible type of Escape Room game and you’ll be ready to run your game in minutes.

More than a controller

Masterpiece controls “top tier” gives you more control beyond our scheduling and game management. Be able to talk to your players right through the game screen and send out custom emails to your previous players to encourage them to come back. You’ll even be able to network with other companies using Masterpiece controls and be able to market to their players as well. No need for separate audio in your room. You’ll be able to focus completely on the games and capturing the market.


Set up an account now to discover the power of the controls for yourself. You won’t just gain access to the controls, but access to our community that helps us decide what features to create next. Choose from our basic palette that will give you all the controls you need to run your rooms or the all-in-one palette that will give you the advanced controls you need to truly dominate your local market and keep players coming back again and again.

product screen shots

Basic Palette

    Video Display
  • Customization of timer
  • Customization of clues(text/images/soud/video)
  • Screen customization
  • Live view of screens by game master
    Manage Games
  • Control up to 4 rooms
  • Provide Written Hints
  • Set up video and audio displays
    Scheule Games
  • Players schedule games online
  • Games immediatley set up management
  • Set up video and audio displays


Communicate more with players
  • Talk to players during game
  • Send out special offers and puzzles

More advanced system controls

  • No limit on the rooms you manage
  • Manage reward and promo systems
  • Get more detailed player reports

More Merchandise options

  • Be able to accommodate walk-in customers and create instant customer profiles
  • Sell all your merchandise right through the system
  • Keep complete track of your inventory and customer merchandise preferences

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